Dunham Price, LLC

Go ahead and throw the most complicated project you can at us, because chances are we’ve already done it. If you have questions on preparing and installing a slab, on jobsite access and logistics, on pumping services and going vertical with concrete, on temperature or slump control, on permeability or corrosiveness issues, on special finishing issues, or if your job requires specialized quality control services, Dunham Price is where you need to begin when you start your project. We can supply all the correct logistical support that you need for your job the first time, saving you time and money. We are a fully integrated concrete supplier.

  • ​Ready Mix Concrete
  • ​Control Backfill
  • ​Grout
  • ​Lightweight Concrete
  • ​Chilled Water
  • ​Polypropylene / Steel Fibers
  • ​Full Range of Specialty Admixtures
  • ​Concrete Coloring
  • ​Other Products