Service Administrators, LLC

Services-IMGService Administrators, LLC is a complete, full-service organization that is responsible for all accounting and administration functions for all of the Group’s subsidiary companies.

Our Human Resources office. We provide very detailed and comprehensive employee orientations to our new employees to ensure a smooth transition into our company. All information concerning your employment eligibility, taxes, payroll, and insurance coverages will be provided. Once employed, our staff is able to continually rely on HR for its support.

Our Safety & Environmental office. We provide a group of technicians that solely oversee the safety of our operations, our employees, and our environmental footprint.

Our Administrative office. All issues concerning our fleet licensing, insurance policies, legal, office maintenance, communication logistics, marketing, charitable donations, and information systems are handled here.

Our Accounting office. We provide full accounting services for all departments here, including receivables, payables, tax issues, banking, software support, and internal analysis.