Material Handling, LLC

Materials-IMGDunham Price has a long history of coordinating the logistics of loading and unloading of all sorts of ships, barges, and trucks. At a glance, it may seem easy, but it is actually very technical and requires tremendous competence. That’s why we have a company set up that performs nothing but our special material handling needs related to all sorts of bulk materials and finished products.

If you have a project that requires access to our waterfront docks or the waterfront at your jobsite, please read further and find out why Dunham Price is the go-to company for any type of barge or ship loading or off-loading.

Our infrastructure.

State-of-the-art comes to mind here. With over 1,800 feet of sheet pile-walled waterfront (all at ship-depth draft) on the Calcasieu Ship Channel (Mile 36), and over 10 acres of storage for bulk materials or finished products, Dunham Price can accommodate any PANAMAX vessel and most any maritime cargo out there. If you need to spot your crane (of any size) to make a lift, we can arrange that whether it’s spotted on a barge or on our bank. We also have a host of support rubber-tire bridge cranes, and crane operators. We have also accommodated the massive, rubber-tire dollies used to move the enormous oil-refining vessels into ConocoPhillips.

Our barge off-loading facility (Westlake) is the most comprehensive and fastest in the area. Dunham Price can unload bulk material barges at a rate of 600 tons per hour. We use a clamshell trackhoe positioned waterside on a pile-supported platform, which feeds a hopper conveying the material directly to trucks. We maintain a large fleet of front-end loaders that provide the backup we need so your project doesn’t get shutdown.

We also have a massive barge fleeting area (Westlake) if you’re just looking for a place to park your barges. We operate a light pushboat for shifting barges and delivering barges to your jobsite or other fleeting areas.

We have two barge loading docks (Westlake & Vinton, LA). These docks are accessed using our rubber-tire bridge cranes. We can accommodate barges up to 35 feet in width, and any length. Contractors contact us frequently when they need to load or off-load special materials or equipment from their barges. Our cranes have the ability to make single lifts up to 100 tons. This subsidiary handles all of the barge loading of finished precast concrete products produced by dp Concrete Products, LLC.

Need barges unloaded right at your jobsite’s waterfront? No problem. Dunham Price maintains a portable unloading rig/barge. The rig consists of a clamshell trackhoe, which feeds a hopper charging a 110-foot boom conveyor. We can convey directly to the bank, or to a truck hopper to move the material away from the water. We off-loaded all the construction aggregates used on the Sabine Pass LNG project for Bechtel Corporation in 2008.

Our people & services.

Our dedicated and highly knowledgeable staff is available to unload/load materials on a 24-hour, 7-day per week basis. They are well-versed in the logistics of jobsite off-loading and marine traffic. They can guide you through the in’s and out’s of material handling, and make your project a success.

With decades of combined experience, I know you will realize total satisfaction when Dunham Price addresses your material handling needs. Please call us or come by with any questions you may have. Thanks.


Ryan W. Price
Chief Operations Officer