DP Industrial, LLC

Dunham Price Group is not only the technological leader, but is also called upon time and time again to handle the largest projects in Southwest Louisiana. Over the many years of producing ready mixed concrete, our key personnel have gained valuable experience in dealing with projects of all types, allowing us to better assist our customers in achieving quality and success. Doing what we say we can do is a major plank of our business platform. Nothing could be more detrimental to a project’s cost than a concrete supplier who can’t perform. That’s why we’re also the largest volume supplier in the market.

In 2015, DPG was called upon to service two of the largest industrial projects in the history of Louisiana: the Ethylene Cracker Expansion Project (LCCP) for Sasol North America, and the Cameron Liquefaction Expansion for Sempra Energy. DPG management then made the decision that this would become a new line of business that would be separate from our on-going, everyday customer base. We had to ensure the execution of these projects, while maintaining our commitment to the existing customers that have helped make us so strong over the years. Therefore, Dunham Price Industrial was born.

Please allow me to elaborate on how this has come to fruition.

Our infrastructure. Dunham Price Group has always had the ability to react quickly to business opportunities, and this was no exception. We have maintained the practice of supporting a “fleet” of portable batch plants that can be taken down and mobilized to any jobsite quickly. We maintain extra trucks that can be called into action as well. Our long-term banking and vendor relationships also allow us tremendous flexibility and stability when reacting to the largest of jobs, allowing us to source any additional equipment needed very quickly. Our location on the Calcasieu Ship Channel is critical to our ability to bring in large volumes of raw materials by ship or barge from anywhere in the world.

Our services. The largest, most complicated projects tend to seek us out, because chances are, we’ve already done it. Major projects have to deal with many big issues, such as preparing and installing a slab, jobsite access and logistics, pumping services and going vertical with concrete, temperature or slump control, permeability or corrosiveness issues, or special finishing issues. They also tend to require specialized quality control services, and Dunham Price is where major EPC contractors go to begin their projects. We supply all the correct logistical support that the largest jobs need the first time, saving them time and money. We are a fully integrated concrete supplier.

Our people. One of the reasons corporations elect to install and invest in major capital infrastructure is because of the skills of the local people. Whether it’s an LNG facility or a casino, one of the first things the investors look at is the availability of reliable suppliers for their projects. And the reason the companies that invest in Southwest Louisiana turn to Dunham Price time and time again is because of its people. When it comes to the technical side of concrete, you will find the staff of Dunham Price to be the most knowledgeable in the industry. With hundreds of years of combined experience, from our veterans to our newest hires, you will find our commitment to product knowledge and know-how of jobsite logistics to be superior. We are always seeking out and training the best new people as well, in order to maintain the depth of our staff and ensure the continuity of our purpose.

The combination of all these elements has proven that Dunham Price Industrial can deliver success to any major industrial or commercial project out there, on spec, on time, and at a competitive price—every time. I think our longevity speaks for itself. I can assure you of our consistency and our commitment to our customers, and the community. The Price family is dedicated to Southwest Louisiana for generations to come. You have my word on that. Please call or come by with any questions you may have. Thank you.


Rob Price, III
Chief Operations Officer/Chief Financial Officer