DP Concrete Products, LLC

Concrete-IMGDunham Price has been manufacturing various types of concrete products since the 1940’s, and has now risen to become the largest volume supplier of precast concrete products on the Gulf Coast. With appropriate lead-time, Dunham Price can handle any size pipe, piling, bridge beam, precast panel, or specialty precast job.

Please allow me to elaborate on why Dunham Price is the precast/prestress supplier of choice in our industry.

Our dedication to you.

On September 24, 2005, Hurricane Rita submerged our casting yard under five feet of seawater with winds in excess of 100 mph. During the following six months, the management team at Dunham Price pulled together to produce the tank foundation piles for both Sabine Pass LNG and Cameron LNG simultaneously. This effort amounted to an average production rate of over 29,860 tons of product per month. We resumed production after an initial loss of eight weeks time, and ended both projects with only three weeks of lost time. We worked two, ten-hour shifts, seven days per week for six months to complete this and help get our customers’ projects back on time.

This work has led Dunham Price to construct a new, state-of-the-art precast plant in Vinton, LA. It includes two new girder lines and ten new piling lines. Each pile line, depending on size of pile, can hold 500 LF of 30″ piles all the way to 2,000 LF of 14″ piles. It is situated on 74 acres on the Vinton Barge Canal, and includes a new barge loading wharf, one central mix and one dry batch ready-mix plants, eight rubber-tire bridge cranes, and a new QC laboratory.

With appropriate lead-time, Dunham Price can handle any size of prestressed piling, bridge beam, and/or specialty precast concrete product job. We generally need 10 weeks to order, receive, and install any additionally needed forming equipment.

My staff boasts numerous accreditations, including PCI, ACI, and Louisiana DOTD. Not only are they knowledgeable about our products, they also know the difficulties of delivering the largest of precast pieces. I take great pride in our staff, and I know you will find their loyalty and commitment to your project to be unsurpassed.

Our Products.

Precast-Prestressed Concrete Foundation Piles. Our Vinton, LA casting yard manufactures all sizes of concrete piles from 12” to 36” square diameter. This product is driven into the ground to create deep foundations for buildings, bridges, storage tanks, piperacks, ship docks, seawalls, and refinery structures. We have manufactured piling that use all types of tension and compression splicing, and tension connectors of many different types. Our marine delivery market extends from Corpus Christi, TX to Mobile, AL, and the Mississippi River from St. Francisville to New Orleans. Our truck delivery market extends from Houston to New Orleans, and includes the entire State of Louisiana.

Precast-Prestressed Concrete Bridge Beams. Our Vinton, LA casting yard is equipped to manufacture all types and sizes of bridge beams (girders), including all AASHTO “I” beams, the Louisiana “Quad Beam”, “Bulb-Tees” (up to 78”), and the enormous Texas “U” beam. We are approved to manufacture for Louisiana and Texas Departments of Transportation.

Precast-Prestressed Wall and Deck Panels. We can handle any type of structural, high-volume panels that are generally used for bridge, ship dock, and platform sub-structures. We also manufacture panels or concrete sheet pile used for retaining walls and seawalls of all sorts. We do not currently manufacture panels that require an “architectural” finish.

Specialty Precast Concrete Structural Components. We can handle any type of specially-designed beam, pile cap, piperack, or foundation. If you have a specific application, please contact us and together we can design a product to suit you needs.

Construction Materials. Our Westlake pipe plant also serves as our outlet for low-volume bulk materials, such as fill sand, mason sand, and hard-to-find river gravels. We also retail sacked materials such as Mason and Portland cements, lime, and blasting sands (all gradations).

Our delivery capabilities. We can easily deliver our daily plant capacities by truck or by barge. Both of our casting yards are adjacent to Interstate 10. Our casting yards are also located on the Calcasieu Ship Channel and the Vinton Navigation Canal. Both plants are equipped with barge docks for fast, efficient, and safe loading of our finished products. We maintain a light pushboat and a fleet of deck barges, which are available for short local deliveries, or we can push our barges to a fleeting service for pick-up for longer trips. If customers wish to for us to load their own barges, we ask that they be restricted to no more than 35 feet wide. In Westlake, we can also load PANAMAX ships of any length, and up to 35 foot of draft.

Our services. Together with our engineering services, we will gladly offer our expertise concerning the practicality of manufacturing, delivering, and driving/installing certain pile designs and precast applications. When Dunham Price is used, the contractor can always expect our personnel or a company owner to be on site immediately for any troubleshooting situations. Our Quality Control procedures and laboratories adhere to all ACI, PCI, Texas DOT, and Louisiana DOTD guidelines. Several members of our management team are Level II and Level III-certified by PCI.

Dunham Price is now in the fourth generation of Price family management. I can assure you that you will be pleased with our level of quality products combined with our hands-on, top-notch service. Please do not hesitate to call with any questions you may have.


Rob Price, III
Chief Financial Officer