DP Aggregates, LLC

Aggregates-IMGDunham Price has been providing a wide variety of construction aggregates for the industrial, commercial, and residential markets of Southwest Louisiana for many years. Please read further and see why I feel we are the premium supplier of construction aggregates in the market.

Infrastructure. Dunham Price is built for speed. Loading, scaling and delivery of materials directly to the jobsite can be scheduled from our waterfront facility in Westlake, LA. We maintain a modern fleet of front-end loaders, with back-up units on the ready. No matter how large your order, our barge and ship docks stand ready to accept and move the highest volume jobs. A large contingent of contract trucking (as well as our own) is available for the delivery of high-volume orders, as well as two independent truck scales to provide the quickest, most efficient level of customer service possible. Barge quantity orders can be shipped and off-loaded directly to your jobsite by conveying directly onto the bank or into a truck hopper when direct marine access is available.

Our people. Uncertain about what you need for your job? Just ask. Our trained personnel are very knowledgeable about how and when to apply different types of construction aggregates. We have personnel available to visit your jobsite to determine exactly what you need so there’s no guessing involved. They will also be able to evaluate jobsite logistical issues so trucks and barges can gain access and depart the project with minimal impact or loss of time. Our loading and scaling personnel use radio communication to facilitate quick turnarounds for your trucks.

Our products. Our waterfront location on the Calcasieu Ship Channel affords us the ability to bring in construction aggregates from anywhere in the world. Whether it’s limestone from The Bahamas, granite from Nova Scotia, or gray limestone from the Ohio River or Honduras, we source the finest, most consistent aggregates in the industry. Quality control reports are always on-hand from our suppliers. In stock materials range in size from that of the smallest (610 base) up to and including 30lb. Class (Man-sized) Riprap. Other products can be obtained if needed.

Our services. Dunham Price also maintains a state-of-the-art quality control laboratory if you job requires gradation or moisture surveys. If needed, we can also source information regarding the chemical composition and/or reactivity of construction aggregates. We also offer our expertise in the correct application of our products at your job.

Please call today and discover why Dunham Price is the most comprehensive construction aggregates supplier in Southwest Louisiana. I know you will find our products and services to be the best. Thanks.


Rick Sprigg