Welcome to Dunham Price Group, LLC

A Message from our Chairman

It all started over 80 years ago when my grandfather, Rowland Price, batched the first load of concrete. And now as we enter into the fourth generation, I am proud to say the Price family is still as involved as we were on that first day.

Whether you are a customer or vendor, a competitor or prospective employee, a lender or an investor, here you will find useful information regarding the values, practices, and philosophies that drive Dunham Price Group.

Importance of Our Relationships.

Knowing why we are in business, to begin with, is the key. The success of our customers’ projects is critical to our own success. We understand the concept of being a value-added supplier. Our customers come back to us time and time again because we not only supply a superior product, but we also do the legwork that saves our customers money in the long run. Increase those around you, and you will likewise be increased.

Success comes through a collaborative creation process, not competition. Be open and honest with vendors, customers, and employees. Appreciate the work of your staff, but constantly challenge them to reach the next level. Hold people to their word, but allow yourself to be held to your own.

Fairness, Honesty, Humility, and Integrity.

Knowing your limitations and doing what you say you are going to do is a must. Stand behind your product and services because your name is on them. Treat those around you as you would want to be treated. Honor the smallest customer just as you would the largest. Respect and applaud the achievements of your competition; don’t prosper by taking their gains. The stability of this nation has provided fertile ground from which we grow, so respect its laws. Express deep gratitude for all who contribute to your growth.

Stewardship and Family.

Ownership must realize that this company has many people with a vested interest. This company is not ours to be abused, but rather, ours to be guided further into the future so that following generations may also benefit from the security this enterprise offers. Ownership will only take the proceeds it needs, not the ones it wants. A wise reinvestment policy coupled with the continuing creation process is critical to the stability of Dunham Price Group, and the peace of mind it brings to all our stakeholders.

In this same light, we consider our staff to be members of our family. We not only want them to feel secure and at home, but also look upon Dunham Price as a place of opportunity for their children and grandchildren. The relations we build with our staff go beyond trading pay for work. We take a genuine interest in their continuing personal growth and success, and they reward us by putting their best effort forward. Mutual respect within our Group is a top priority.

Commitment to the Safety and Well-being of our People.

No one and no one’s family should ever have the discomfort of feeling that they will not return home from work that day. Dunham Price recognizes the daily hazards involved in bringing our products and services to the market. That is why we have taken a strong stance on safety and health in our plants and at our job sites by creating a department strictly devoted to enforcing our safety policy and procedures. We know that safeguarding the well-being of our staff also protects the security of our stakeholders. Besides, it’s just the right thing to do.

Pride in Workmanship.

Who wants to come to work all day to turn out mediocre products and services? The quality of our products and services represents the quality of us all. In many cases, the structural integrity of our products could directly affect the welfare of the people utilizing the projects we serve. Whether it’s a bridge, a building, or a tank, people are counting on the quality of our products, so it must be there. It is in our long-term best interest, and I think our longevity speaks for itself.

Commitment to Our Community.

Besides the jobs we have created, we also participate in many local charities, social groups, and schools. Southwest Louisiana has blessed the stakeholders of Dunham Price for decades, so it is only fitting that we give back. We give appropriately to those who are committed to helping themselves.

Respect for the Environment.

One of the reasons we have prosperity in Southwest Louisiana is because of the natural beauty that surrounds us. And naturally, we all want clean water and air. Being proactive in our compliance with environmental regulations makes good business sense. We are conscious of our footprint and have a department devoted to maintaining that compliance on a daily basis. It is our responsibility to our shareholders, employees, customers, and everyone that shares the environment within which we operate.

Bringing all of these elements together has been the key to our longevity and our success. I invite you to browse through the following pages and learn more about Dunham Price Group. I think you will find that we can be a vital key to your success. Thank you.


Rob Price, Jr.

Chairman of the Board

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